Laboratory building of FFiL ŚNIEŻKA S.A. in Brzeźnica

Description of the implementation

Laboratorium 1
Laboratorium 6
_DSC7644 _DSC7642 Laboratorium 1 _DSC7647 Laboratorium 6

Scope of works:

  • General construction works,
  • Assembly works,
  • Installation works, i.e. electrical, water and sewage installations. gas, central heating,
  • Installation works: ventilation and air conditioning,
  • Low voltage installations,
  • Rainwater and sanitary sewage system with pumping stations.

Commencement of works: February 2011
Completion of works: March 2013
Object volume: 11,975.00 m3
Usable floor area: 1,888.00 m2
Yards and car parks: 2,228.5 m2
Investor: FFiL Śnieżka S.A.
General contractor: PBU HAND-BUD Sp. z o.o.