The main activity of the company is construction. We build single and multi-family houses, public facilities, industrial facilities in general execution or as subcontractors.

In 2011, for the needs of our customers, we opened a new branch – Steel Construction Factory, thanks to which we can fully carry out orders for the construction of halls, shed or steel elements.

In the company’s previous activities we have cooperated with both individual clients, local companies, as well as budget units and large international corporations. Cooperation with these companies and institutions allowed us to comprehensively implement many facilities. The high standard of services and punctuality of the implemented contracts results in a continuous increase in the number of companies and institutions cooperating with us.

The experience we have allows us to carry out the entrusted tasks in a comprehensive way.

We offer you services in the field of:

• Complex earthworks,

• Construction of foundations,

• Works of concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry,

• Construction of steel and wooden roof structures,

• Roofing,

• Complex interior design of buildings and elevator works (thermomodernization)

• Constructions of small and medium-sized steel structures,

• Finishing of walls and roofs of indoor buildings with sandwich panels or masonry walls,

• Workmanship of industrial windows and skylights,

• Manufacture of carpentry and locksmithing elements,